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In the velvety darkness of Kerala's night sky, where fireflies dance like fleeting stars and the moon casts its silver pallor, the tale of Gulikan unfolds—a saga as enigmatic as it is entrancing. A story carried through hushed whispers, lingering between the coconut trees' shimmering fronds and the Arabian Sea's gentle lapping waves.

Gulikan is not just the deity of death. He is a mosaic of the human experience, a drapery of all our fears and hopes, our joys and sorrows. He holds the world in balance, a testament to the yin and yang of existence. The people of Kerala and Tulu Nadu do not just fear him; they revere him as a spiritual guide. For he teaches that life, in all its chaotic beauty, is but a dance in the shadow of death—a dance that is all the more beautiful because it is fleeting.

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