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Karinkutti Chathan

In the mystic realms of Malabar, the legend of Karimkutty Chathan unfolds, born from the union of divine and mortal. His extraordinary life is celebrated through ancient rituals and vibrant Theyyam performances.

The legend of Karimkutty Chathan, set in the enchanting landscapes of Malabar, weaves a captivating narrative of a demigod born from the convergence of the divine and the earthly. His extraordinary tale is marked by his miraculous birth, his remarkable powers, and his role as a guardian of the Chandala tribe. Two alternate stories, one involving Lord Shiva and Parvati and another featuring the Namboothiri family, offer diverse perspectives on his origin. His journey leads to a decisive battle against the demon Jalandhara, showcasing the triumph of light over darkness. This legend lives on through sacred rituals and mesmerizing Theyyam performances, reminding all that the extraordinary can be found in the ordinary.

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