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Vinodini Jayaraman

Essay: Tat Twam Asi (Thou art that) and Theyyam A Nostalgia

Artist and Indian Civil Service, Refugee Resettlement, and teaching.
Jayaraman began painting at age three to overcome an early childhood speech disorder. Along with the Arts, her professional life spanned the Indian Civil Service (1981 batch of the Indian Revenue Service ( I.R.S)), Refugee Resettlement, and teaching.
Recipient of the Memphis Public Television Art award in 1993, Jayaraman's paintings have been featured in the local exhibition and international publications. Her work was published twice by Readers Digest in 2001 and 2005. Jayaraman's subjects include women, history, human rights, and endangered species. At the request of the National Civil Rights Museum in 2004, she contributed a painting to 'Fifty Years and Counting,' a book celebrating the landmark anniversary of 'Brown vs Topeka Board of Education'.
A commission by the University of Memphis for a mural to raise awareness of the plight of tigers would go on to receive the 'Outstanding Contribution Award' from India Fest, 2014. Jayaraman's current project—a visual series about New Orleans—draws from her forty-year association with Louisiana and the South.

Vinodini Jayaraman
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