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The Gods of God's Own Country is a reminder of a forgotten culture and the communities surrounding it. Theyyam is a Dravidian ritual art form of Kerala, India

Eco-Cultural Tourism Promotions

Dreaming of a chartered flight landing every hour in Kannur full of upscale cultural tourists. The Malabar Hills shine as a tourism jewel on the world map, providing thousands of jobs.

Oscar Caliber Movie Production

Oscar Caliber Hollywood Movie Production (better than Kantara and by directors like M. Night Shyamalan) is based on the amazing cultures of India, like Theyyam.

Best Seller Books Publishing

Motivation to publish similar Best Seller Books based on Kerala/Indian Heritage

Academic Research

Academic Research, especially partnering with Western Universities with leaders like Dr. David Mason, Dr. Rolf Groesbeck, Dr. Mustafa Kilani, etc.

Philanthropic Foundation

Business Partnership/Sponsorship: Philanthropic Foundation to Theyyam and similar communities who are historically ignored yet rich in every inch of their existence.

Management Consulting & Advisory

Management Consulting & Advisory to help the Theyyam and similar heritage businesses and nonprofits in Kerala/India.

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