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Chuzhali Bhagavathy

Chuzhali Bhagavathy is a legendary Theyyam from Kolathunadu, worshipped as the sister goddess of Annapoorneshwari and the divine figure of the Chuzhali Swaroopam.

The legend of Chuzhali Bhagavathy is one of mystery, power, and divine intervention. It is said that the goddess was brought to Malanad by Adi Parashakti herself on a ship guided by unseen forces. The ship was eventually discovered by Samanthan Nayanar, who took possession of one of the three gold idols found inside. However, the goddess was not pleased with Nayanar's actions, and he fell into a deep sleep from which he never woke again. The idol was eventually found by farmers, and a temple was built in Chuzhali in honor of the goddess. Today, the Kadamberi Chuzhali Bhagavathy Temple is a revered sanctuary nestled deep in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. The temple is believed to have been once a Gurukulam, an esteemed institution imparting the wisdom of Sanskrit. The enchanting atmosphere of the temple is enhanced by the majestic Cadamba tree that adorns its surroundings.

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