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Ilankarumakan and Poothadi

Ilam Karumakan Theyyam embodies the spirit of righteousness and hope, performed by the Vannan community in reverence to their cherished deity.
The Poothadi Theyyam performance in Wayanad is a celestial reenactment of cosmic events, rooted in rich mythology and captivating attendees from all walks of life

The Ilam Karumakan Theyyam is a mesmerising spectacle that unfolds in the mystical groves of an ancient land. It is a living embodiment of Sugriva, the legendary king of monkeys from the sacred epic Ramayana, who defied societal norms with grace and fervent expression. Through this sacred dance, Ilam Karumakan weaves a vivid tale of valiant champions battling malevolence across realms, captivating the audience with his intricate body paint, vibrant attire, and unwavering spirit. The Vannan community, custodians of this sacred Theyyam, see Ilam Karumakan as their cherished, embodied deity and divine protector. The Kammala tribe gathers with unwavering faith to partake in the sacred ritual, acknowledging its profound significance. As the performance crescendos, the atmosphere becomes charged with celestial force, inspiring prayers that go beyond seeking protection, beseeching for the restoration of lost treasures and shattered dreams. Legend has it that Ilam Karumakan's supernatural prowess transcends dimensions, enabling the reclaiming of that which was unjustly taken away.

The Poothadi Theyyam performance, held during the Poothadi Temple Thira festival in Wayanad, is a mesmerizing spectacle that transcends human distinctions. Rooted in rich mythology, it represents the divine offspring of Pullikaali and the forest goddess Vanadevatha, connecting it to Lord Shiva's cosmic dance. The performers adorn intricate symbols on their skin, believed to unleash celestial energies, captivating the audience. The performance tells the story of Bali, born from the cosmic churnings, and his love for Tara, a celestial apsara. Their union defied heavenly and earthly boundaries, embodying the mysteries of the universe. Bali's incredible strength caught the attention of the demon king Ravana, resulting in a historic battle and an unexpected alliance. Rama's quest to rescue Sita led him to Sugriva and eventually Hanuman. Sugriva, overshadowed by his brother Bali, found in Rama a path to redemption. With Rama's support, Sugriva challenged Bali, a confrontation that changed their destinies. A garland of flowers set Sugriva apart and paved the way for Rama to end Bali's life, bringing a mix of sorrow and hope to the forest.

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