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Kalariyal Bhagavathy

Kalarivatukkal Bhagavathy temple, once a formidable fortress, enshrines the deity Kalarivatukkal Bhagavathy, whose hair adornment is considered auspicious.

The Kalarivatukkal Bhagavathy temple in Kolathunadu, India, has a rich history dating back to the time of the Kolathiri dynasty. Once a formidable fortress, it was the cradle of Kerala's martial arts form, Kalari. During the British colonial era, the fort was confiscated by the British viceroy. To prevent it from falling into foreign hands, King Rajaraja Varma ordered his citizens to raze it to the ground. The temple deity, Madaikavilamma, was hidden in the river during the turmoil. Years later, a fisherman retrieved the idol of the goddess from the river and brought it to Puliyankot Nair, the commander of Kolathiri's forces. The goddess made her presence felt in Nair's abode, demanding her rightful place in the Kalari. The king of Chirakkal, upon hearing of the goddess's reappearance, had a dream in which she revealed a treasure trove that could be used to construct a temple for her. The temple was built under the guidance of the chief carpenter of Nalupurakkal Tharavad. Today, the Kalarivatukkal Bhagavathy temple is a revered place of worship for people of all faiths. The temple is particularly known for its unique hair adornment worn by the Kalarivatukkal Bhagavathy Theyyam, which is considered an auspicious symbol.

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