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Karuval Bhagavathy

Karuval Bhagavathy, a complex and enigmatic Theyyam deity of Northern Kerala, is worshipped for her primal energy and divine femininity.

The mythical tapestry of Karuval Bhagavathy unfolds in the labyrinthine jungles of Northern Kerala, where she is revered as a forest goddess by the Kattalar tribes. The local folklore portrays her as a multidimensional figure, ranging from a fearsome demon goddess to a companion of Lord Shiva. Her Theyyam performance, invoked by Lord Shiva himself, is a transformative experience that elevates the atmosphere to a palpable intensity. Karuval Bhagavathy's divine influence permeates beyond a single monastery, reaching into the inner sanctums of numerous Brahmin households. Thus, she lives not just in jungle temples or ancient songs but in the collective consciousness of a community, an ethereal presence ever reminding them of the intertwined relationship between nature, divinity, and mankind.

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