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Padarkulangara Veeran

In the sacred realm of Padarkulangara, a young Brahmin boy is transformed into a celestial being, Padarkulangara Veeran, through a divine encounter with Puthiya Bhagavathy

The story of Padarkulangara Veeran, a revered Theyyam deity in Kerala, unfolds in the mystical realm of Padarkulangara. A young Brahmin boy, noted for his innate wisdom, encounters the celestial presence of Puthiya Bhagavathy, who submerges him in the river, consuming his physical form and bestowing upon him eternal life and a divine purpose. Thus, he becomes Padarkulangara Veeran, a guardian of the land's tranquility. Every year, during a sacred ritual, a new performer, often a novice in Theyyam, takes on the role of Padarkulangara Veeran, undergoing a dramatic transformation from a Brahmin boy to the non-Brahmin deity. This symbolic act captures the essence of Padarkulangara Veeran's story, a cosmic waltz between mortality and divinity, ignorance and enlightenment. Though lacking the grandeur of more famous Theyyams, Padarkulangara Veeran's performance enthralls audiences with its unique portrayal of transformation and divinity's power.

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