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Pookutti Sasthan

Kuttichathan Theyyam, a multifaceted deity born from divine mischief and mortal redemption, is celebrated in Kerala's Theyyam performances and intricately woven into the state's rich cultural tapestry.

The captivating tale of Kuttichathan Theyyam unfolds in the lush heart of Kerala, transcending the boundaries of good and evil. Born to Lord Shiva and Parvati, Kuttichathan's rebellious spirit left a trail of chaos in his wake, but as vengeance threatened the village, the Brahmin elders elevated him to a deity. His divine mischief subsided, yet his story extended beyond Brahmin households, embracing various castes and communities, bridging societal divisions. Kuttichathan's vibrant presence in Kerala's cultural tapestry is celebrated in Theyyam performances, reminding us of the state's intricate heritage and the deity's role in challenging social norms. The Malayans, skilled artisans who crafted the intricate costumes for Theyyam, saw Kuttichathan as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, steadying Kerala's social strata just as Vishnu steadied the Manthara Mountain during the churning of the ocean.

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