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Uchitta, the fiery goddess, emerged from Agni's aura and descended to Earth to bless humanity, especially women during childbirth.

Uchitta is a remarkable goddess, born from the ember of Agni, the God of Fire. She is a paragon of beauty and grace, and her essence transcends elements. Uchitta is the sister of Lord Krishna, and she plays a significant role in Theyyam performances, safeguarding those expecting childbirth miracles. She is also fearless and courageous, standing undeterred amid Lord Shiva's fiery temper. Her voice, ever "Uchitta," resonant and clear, announces the arrival of Krishna. In the Malayan and Velan communities, Uchitta's Theyyam performances serve as the cornerstone of divine celebrations. She is loved by the female community for her power to bestow blessings upon women for easy childbirth. Her mythical charisma extends its reach into the lives of her followers, and her ability to keep them safe and her playful, human-like persona make her one of the most cherished figures in local tales. Uchitta is the daughter of fire, the sister of Krishna, and the beloved goddess of countless souls. Her story is perpetually alive in the hearts and homes of believers.

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