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Vairajathan said to have been born from the locks of Lord Shiva

In the realm of demonic legends, the fearsome figure of Dashamukha, born of Mukasura, challenged gods and celestial armies with relentless fury. Mahadeva, the Cosmic Dancer, sent his disciple Parasurama to confront Dashamukha, but even Parasurama failed to defeat him. Mahadeva unleashed Kalarathri, the embodiment of divine wrath, who ultimately vanquished Dashamukha. However, Kalarathri's fury continued, and Mahadeva himself had to intervene, leading to a cosmic dance that transcended destruction and resulted in a passionate union between Mahadeva and Kalarathri. Their love gave birth to Kshethra Palan, the Guardian of Sacred Temples, a celestial guardian with a destiny intertwined with both divine drama and earthly sentiments.

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