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Vettakorumakan's journey in the earthly realm takes him to Kerala's Kurumbranadu, where he makes it his abode. He falls in love, and from this union, a child is born. The story revolves around Vettakorumakan's quest to reclaim the Balussery fort and his confrontations with the Kurumbranthiris.

Vettakorumakan, a son of Lord Shiva, who ventured to the enchanting kingdom of Kurumbranadu. There, he fell in love, married, and had a child. However, peace was disrupted when the Balussery fort fell into the hands of the Kurumbranthiris. Vettakorumakan demanded its return, leading to a fierce battle. The fort was eventually surrendered, but the struggles were far from over. As Vettakorumakan and his son faced further obstacles, they left a legacy of unwavering strength and valor. Vettakorumakan's story is honored in the Vellattam performance, where the cracking of coconuts symbolizes his might and perseverance. He is revered as a deity in Kurumbranadu swaroopam, and his legend endures in the Vettakkorumakan Theyyam, a performance distinct with its vibrant green body paint that embodies his celestial might.

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