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The Gods of The God's Own Country

Even Jesus was poor in everything, born in a manger, yet rich in love and culture, just like the ​The Gods of The God's Own Country. This community mirrors a similar concept by being an art form of the ignored yet rich in every inch of its existence.


Confessions of a Monkey-Trapped Prodigal Son of The God's Own Country

I dedicate this book to the Theyyam artists, the veritable Gods ‘Of the People, By the People, For the People’. The royalties from this book will be donated to those destitute Gods of the God’s Own Country for a Greater Purpose.



  • Once-in-a-lifetime ritual festival, conducted at the Chirakkal Chamundikottam temple after nearly a century 

  • A testament to the rich cultural heritage of Kerala, hosting 450,000 participants 

  • Chirakkal Kovilakam's vision of inviting scholars from around the world to serve as ambassadors and conduct research on Theyyam and our incredible culture

  • End result: the publication of this initiative, a collaborative effort by leading scholars from India and around the world 

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I hope beyond the few dollars of royalty profit, these seeds will help the destitute Gods of God’s Own Country: Theyyam Artists. I hope the book and subsequent efforts will turn the eyes of the EAST and WEST toward this precious tradition. If you are interested in partnering with us, or even receiving complimentary other editions, please contact.


Architect of the best seller, "The Gods Must Be Crazy!"( Sold >10K copies in ~20 book translations in ~200 countries: Royalties to Mother Teresa Mission). Graduate of Clinton Global Initiative GIFT (Global Institute for Tomorrow) Young Leadership program in China (Hong Kong & Cambodia) and the Masters in Leadership from PMI's CCL patterned executive leadership programs. TOGAF9 certified EPM & ERP Architect of Enterprise Performance with over two-decade-long experience through Ernst & Young global clients & beyond.

When, in the Gods’ own country, people play the Gods and play the people who meet the Gods; the Gods do, indeed, come, and reality is full of them.


David V. Mason, Ph.D.

(Fulbright-Nehru Fellow(01 & 22)

Editor-in-Chief of Ecumenica)


Vinodini Jayaraman
(Artist, Indian Civil Service)

I hail from North Malabar, and this book fills me with nostalgia. The pages resurrect the mesmerizing sounds and sights of Theyyam. It brings back memories of drummers winding their way through the endless stretches of paddy fields; it powerfully recaptures the past in the midst of a modern world. 

The book provides a unique way to ignite devotion and conduct research studies on various dimensions of Theyyam.  


Chandran Muttath

(Sr. Fellow, Author/Film/Folklore)

I haven't read a glowing book like this one for years. Its glow results from its profound simplicity from multiple overlapping angles of view: some are ethnological, some are anthropological, and others are generally cultural on both individual and collective sides, and in what takes us far in time to the extreme meaning of the common human being.


Dr. Mustafa Al-Kilani

(Arab Scholar and Thinker)

Overall, this book considers most of the details of the performance and the social

and historical contexts of this extraordinary ritual, stunning visually and aurally to the outsider and

compelling and meaningful to the devotees from the villages who organize their lives around

the worship of these Theyyams.


Dr. Rolf Groesbeck 

(Prof.  Music and Kerala Temple Drumming Scholar)


JALASANCHARA IMG_0832 jannat 7-8-22 copy_edited.jpg


Theyyam Stories

Stories of mesmerizing >101 Legends! 

A true divine rebellion against mighty, unjust systems, their stories and art pluck a string in our own hearts today.

The Gods of The Gods Own Country

A whirlwind into history! Astonishing rituals of the glistening cities atop the Malabar Hills of God's Own Country. Spectacular images & stories!

The Gods Must be Crazy

It’s halftime America! Ay Yi Yai Yi!

We are in the middle of The New World Order! Yeah! It's halftime, America!

Chirakkal Perumkaliyattam

Once-in-a-lifetime ritual festival, conducted at the Chirakkal Chamundikottam temple after nearly a century.

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